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BG Products is continually seeking talented individuals to contribute towards the continued growth and developmment of the company. We have facilities in  Wichita, Derby and El Dorado Kansas.

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Supply Chain Intern

Job Purpose / Duties & Responsibilities
The Procurement Intern will assist the buyers and sourcing department with: running MRP's, analysis of items (obsolescence, stocking, new items) learning setting up items, suppliers, auditing, and supplier communications and delivery performance.

Duties & Responsibilities

Adheres to company polices and presents a professional, positive attitude at all times.  
Assist with running MRP's and generating orders.
Assist to provide documentation to management. may include the following, costing, supplier, performance, accounting, quality information, auditing information.
Will work with existing buyers and sourcing people to help with their daily duties and
ensure supplier desired performance is achieved in areas of cost, and delivery.
Assists with vendor relations to improve consistent cost, and delivery performance.
Assists in preparing and maintains purchase orders including quantities to insure proper material flow on items needed. Expedites purchase order to insure timely delivery.
Works with others including Inventory, Project Management, Accounting, Procurement on new items, obsolescence, and data analysis.
Assist with evaluation and monitoring of supplier performance to ensure compliance with contractual obligations and to determine need for changes and assist with auditing.
Analyze price proposals and data and information as requested.
Monitor and follow applicable laws and regulations.
Works with Sourcing and Buyers as directed.
Other duties as assigned.

Currently Enrolled in a College (Degree in Business or related field) with at least 2 years completed, some experience preferred in related position, or combination required.
Fundamentals of material requirement planning (MRP) preferred, New Product Development, and Project Management preferred.